Our Firm


In 2000, Michael Menninger left the world of Environmental Engineering to become a financial planner.  In 2003, Michael earned the prestigious Certified Financial Planner® certification and became an independent financial advisor in 2007. In 2012, Michael added employees and subsequently named his firm as Menninger & Associates. Since then, the firm has grown to a total of five employees with its office centrally located off the U.S. Route 422 corridor in Trooper, Pennsylvania.  


Planning Philosophy

At Menninger & Associates, our philosophy is based on the fundamentals of financial planning. Further, we strongly believe that education and knowledge are powerful. In the end, all decisions are ultimately made by our clients, so each client knows why they are making those decisions thanks to our extremely informative meetings. We would never expect nor accept that our clients invest their hard-earned assets on “blind faith,” so we use our team's vast knowledge and skills to lead clients in the direction that is best for them.


Investment Philosophy

Our firm's goal is to manage the risk of our clients assets in order to minimize the downside market capture and maximize the upside market capture. We believe in asset allocation and diversification, and incorporate strategies to accomplish that.

In the actively managed portfolios, a variety of equity-based and fixed income-based mutual funds are used to meet the corresponding risk tolerance. The mutual funds in our portfolios are chosen by applying a strict set of risk and reward measurements to the universe of mutual funds, with final input coming from our Investment Committee. Our Investment Committee meets periodically (but no less frequent than quarterly) to discuss the current allocation and performance of the portfolios as well as gain insight from each other on current market conditions and economic outlooks.

Each portfolio is rebalanced periodically to ensure every portfolio is aligned with its goals and risk tolerance. This process helps mitigate emotional investment decisions, and position portfolios for their long-term goals.


Personalized Services

When meeting with a client for the first time, we perform an extensive and detailed evaluation of their financial situation. As part of that evaluation, we will review the client's assets and debts (along with their associated interest rates), their gross and taxable income, investment and retirement accounts, life and disability insurance coverages, prospective pension plans and current and retirement income needs. While performing an analysis of the client's financial snapshot, we provide our “Finance 101” information to help clients learn how all of their assets, debts and income work and how they are and will be affected by federal income taxes. In conjunction with the client's short and long term goals, we provide a systematic and detailed approach that will help each of our clients pursue their goals in an organized and tax-efficient manner.